Trick-or-treating is happening now (4:00 – 7:00 pm) in our town.  Here are my random observations…

  • According to Ordinary Spouse, we had 40+ children the first year.  Numbers are down since then.
  • Love the parents with one-year-old children.  Guess who’s getting candy tonight?
  • If I’m the one answering our door, you better not simply hold out a bag.  I’m likely to take something out of it.
  • It’s great fun when you get kids you know.  You can offer them green beans or tuna or other random canned foods that you know they don’t like.  You get sad looks, but they’re too shy to say anything.  That’s my idea of a trick.  (Don’t worry – I make up for it.)
  • Love the kid who just came to the door.  Probably three years old.  He took one thing and said he wanted “two!”  Sure, I said.  So he took another, and said “two!”  At this point, I just let him go at it and waited to see when his mom would stop him.  Two became five.
  • Ordinary Spouse has a theory for dealing with the candy that comes home to our house.  Let them eat it all right away, crash and burn from the sugar high, and then we’re done with it.
  • According to Ordinary Spouse, Youngest Daughter wasn’t sure that she wanted to go trick-or-treating.  But after the second house, she figured out what was happening.  Then she charged along.
  • Ordinary Spouse just asked, so I checked:  It’s 44 deg F out there.  That’s why they came home with ice cubes for hands.


Left: candy consumed.  Right: candy rejected.