Well – I’m safely back from Australia.  I’d like to post something thoughtful, insightful, or personal.  Alas – the new synchrotron run started this week and my life is crazy (and the jet lag isn’t helping).  So in the meantime, here are some quotes from the ordinary daughters.

Oh dear, oh dear

The other night, I was facing a big pile of dishes (the dishwasher still isn’t fixed)…

ordinary (mostly): Look at all of these dishes that need to be washed.  Oh dear, oh dear.

Middle Daughter (to herself in the other room): Oh dear, oh dear, I cannot hear.  Will someone please check my ear?

You may recognize this from “Red Fish, Blue Fish” by Dr. Seuss.

Compound words

Apparently, Middle Daughter is learning about compound words in kindergarten.  She and Ordinary Mommy were playing school, and MD was teaching OM about compound words.  She didn’t actually say “compound words”, but it became apparent to OM that this was what MD was talking about.  MD would take one of OM’s hands and say the first word, and then take the second hand and say the second word, and then clap OM’s hands together and say the compound word.  And so we have:

Middle Daughter:

     Snow.  Flake.  Snowflake!

     Dog.  House.  Doghouse!

     Buffa.  Lo.  Buffalo!


Oldest daughter was a bit tired of having nuts in her oatmeal every day…

Oldest Daughter: If there was a pattern like “nuts – no nuts – nuts – no nuts”, I’d be pretty satisfied.

Yes – must be learning about patterns and symmetry in second grade.