A few more tidbits from my time at the SRI ’09 conference in Melbourne…

Government House reception

Last night, all of the conference delegates were invited to Government House, the residence of the Governor of Victoria.  Check out the invitation:


It was a very nice reception hosted by the Lieutenant Governor.  We were given the opportunity to tour the state rooms.  (Ordinary Spouse may wish to show some of the website pictures to the ordinary daughters.)

My fancy hotel

Since I’m not a fancy person (despite the efforts of my three princesses), some of the things in my hotel strike me as funny.  For instance, I have a pillow menu.  I can order my selection:


I don’t actually know which pillows I have right now.  Since they gave me six different ones to begin with, I figured that I could make do.

I also have three phones in my room.  Who needs three phones in a normal-sized hotel room?  There’s a phone by the bed, a phone by the desk, and a phone by the…  Well, let’s just say I won’t be making any phone calls with that last one.