Today’s “Five for Friday” is brought to you by Oldest Daughter, who suggested that I choose my favorite plants.  This was a hard one, not because I don’t have favorites, but because I was having trouble remembering them.  So someone might remind me of plants that I’ve forgotten.  Without further ado and in no particular order…

  • Shagbark Hickory – This tree reminds me of my childhood.  I love the flavor of the nuts, and the grandkids used to make boats out of the husks and race them in my grandparents creek.  And the bark is just crazy.
  • Cilantro – This may be my very favorite herb.  I just love the smell and flavor.  According to wikipedia, the dislike that some people have for cilantro may be genetic.  Guess I didn’t get that gene.
  • Rosemary – Or, this may be my favorite herb.  Hard to tell.  This one reminds me of Ann Arbor, and especially of Seva, which is consistently chosen as the best vegetarian restaurant in town.  I now have a small rosemary bonsai – a gift from my family.
  • Rock Cress – This one made the list for sentimental reasons.  When I was young, I asked my parents to buy a plant for me once when they were shopping at a green house, and I was surprised when they did.  (In retrospect, I’m sure it took no convincing at all to get my parents to buy a plant.)  That plant lived for many years at the house where I grew up, and even made the move when my parents moved.  I’m not sure if they still have it, but my family has one growing in our flower bed now, as well.
  • Cherry Birch –  I’ll close out the list with another tree from my childhood.  I was introduced to the cherry birch during a nature walk at Laurelville one year while I was at summer camp.  My favorite part was picking a small twig and sucking on the bark.  Sweet!