In addition to the aforementioned comments on my whoopie pies, our daughters have also come up with these quotables:

The first quote is just typical two-year old.  Ordinary Mommy was singing to Youngest Daughter who was crying.  (She cries at many things these days, but she also fits into the “terrible twos” stereotype to some extent.  Unfortunately for her, the Ordinary Parental Units have been through this before.  Temper tantrums do not phase us much anymore.)  Anyway, this was the response to “You Are My Sunshine”:

Youngest Daughter: I’m not your sunshine!

Ordinary Mommy: I was just imagining that your smiling face is like a bright, happy sunshine.

YD: I don’t want to be bright!

And the next quote from Oldest Daughter caught Ordinary Mommy by surprise when she sat down on our bench outside…

Oldest Daughter: Mom!  You’re sitting on my office.  We’re playing Hollywood, and I’m the one who owns Hollywood.  That’s my office!