Sometimes you just want to get nowhere, and you want to get there slowly.

I went outside at lunch, but not for a walk.  Too direct, too fast.  Not for a stroll, either.  Still too focused, too goal oriented.  No – I wanted to mosey. 

And so I did.

I was probably going one mile per hour – that is, while I was actually moving.  When you mosey, you can stop whenever you like.

(Thought: It would be nice to be in the woods, but driving in order to mosey seems to defeat the purpose today.)

I stuck my hands in my pockets.  You can do that when you’re not moving too fast.

(Thought: Chicory, Queen Anne’s lace, and clover are so common along these roads.  But they’re so beautiful.)

I cleared my head.  The thoughts came by like leaves floating down a stream.  Consider them for a moment; then let them float by.

(Thought: Look – the cottonwoods are clapping their hands.)

I communed with the grasshoppers jumping around my feet.  They clearly didn’t care where they ended up, either.

(No thought…)

I returned to work refreshed.  Moseying is like apple mint tea for the soul.