Well, the end of the summer has arrived, and it’s the last Aloha Friday of the year.  I was just going to tweet about it, but all of a sudden, I’ve got more to say than I can fit in 140 characters on twitter.

At work today, we’re celebrating with the usual festive and refreshing drink that I’ve been providing this summer.  It’s usually been some variation on orange, pineapple, mango, peach, banana, or kiwi.  But today, I’m also cashing in some of my ice cream coupons (gifts courtesy of Heartland Blood Centers for donating) to provide a treat for my colleagues.  So it’s a big celebration.

Ironically, the air conditioning is not working in our office space, and for some reason, the heating units have kicked on.  It’s up to 90 deg F in the office area.  So it’s feeling like the islands, too.

One final thing – I looked up ‘Aloha’ on wikipedia.  It turns out that in the Hawaiian language the meaning is very similar to ‘Shalom’, which many of my usual readers will understand.  Basically, it’s a mixture of love, compassion, mercy, affection, and peace.  But of course, ‘Aloha’ has also become a greeting and sending blessing. And here is the best part: ‘Aloha kākou’ means ‘Welcome to all’, which fits nicely with my blog picture.