(Note: the following story contains some unsavory details.  After reading it, you may find yourself saying, “That was just too much information.  I didn’t really need to know that.”  Consider yourself warned.)

So I previously reported how our “trustworthy” Maytag dishwasher has had the same part fail three different times in three years.  However, via the heroic efforts of Ordinary Spouse and the generosity of Maytag’s customer service, we are to have the problem fixed.  The repair person came for the first time last week, took one look at our dishwasher, and immediately knew what the problem was.  Turns out that it’s such a common problem (and yet still not acknowledged by Maytag/Whirlpool) that there are none of the needed parts in stock.

Anywhere.  In the world.

So we need to wait until early October for a newly manufactured batch to be available.  OS is hopeful that this new batch of parts will not have the same problem as the originals.

In the meantime, she had the creative idea of using our dishwasher as an expensive, high tech drying rack.  Unfortunately, all of the water that drips off of the dishes accumulates in the bottom with no place to drain.  You might imagine that after a while, things become… well, nasty.

Last night, it reached the point where it was time to take action.  We brought the wet/dry shop vac in from the garage and sucked out everything in the bottom.  Not pleasant.  Suffice to say that I don’t care to describe the smell.  Then we sanitized it, sucked that out, and then did a rinse cycle, as well.

And things were much better in the dishwasher.  But the story isn’t over.

When I went to dispose of the water, I realized that I had failed to clean the inside of the shop vac before beginning.  In other words, I had a whole bunch of garage junk (actually, it was probably stuff cleaned from our van carpet – travel snacks and what not) in the bottom of the tank in addition to the dishwater water.  Double nasty.

So I carefully decanted the water from the vacuum*, and then added kitty litter (Thanks, Jack!) to the sludge stuff left in the bottom to dry things out.

* At this point, Ordinary Spouse burst out laughing.  How many times do you use “decant” and “vacuum” in the same sentence?

So there is where things are.  When was the last time that you vacuumed your dishwasher?  On the other hand, we’ve taken the opportunity to teach our girls how to wash dishes.  Not that we aren’t looking forward to October.