It’s the first day of school!  Oldest Daughter is starting second grade.  Middle Daughter will be in kindergarten.  We all woke up early today (with butterflies in our stomachs), and I have some cute stories, and it’s not even 7 a.m. yet.  (Well, I think they’re cute…)

Recently, we’ve had an increased number of ripped up Styrofoam meat trays in our house.  This morning, Middle Daughter was playing with one.  Evidently, the tray was an iceberg, and there was a horse floating on the top.  As the pieces of  the tray were breaking apart, I heard…

Oh, no! My iceberg is melting!

Great.  Now I’ve got global warming occurring in my living room.  (The irony of using a Styrofoam meat tray as a melting iceberg is not lost on me.)

Youngest Daughter was hanging from the curtains in our eating area. She is heavy enough that she was threatening to pull the curtain rod off the wall, so I asked her to stop. She replied,

Why? I’m swinging like Dora!