We have a Maytag dishwasher.  You know – the kind where the commercials show the service person standing around doing nothing.  Well, ours has had the same electronic touch pad malfunction three times in three years.  But Ordinary Spouse keeps getting them to pay for parts (and sometimes labor), so we keep using it.

On this repair, however, we can’t get someone to our house to help us until next Friday.  So in the meantime, we’ve been teaching our girls to wash dishes.  And so we have this gem from Oldest Daughter (and faithfully recorded by OS).  I’m sorry that I’ve substituted her blog name for her real one.  It really works better the other way, but such is the price of maintaining a little anonymity.

Oldest Daughter:

I’m Dishwasher OD!
I work whenever dishwashers don’t!
Dishwasher OD is scrubbing stuff clean!
Wow-zee – it’s a trick I can do!
In speedy seconds of 16 your dishes are as clean as a whistle…