I’m squeezing in a quick blog about recent Jack-related shenanigans:


A few nights ago, Ordinary Spouse and I were awakened by a loud crash – at least it sounded loud in the middle of my sleep.  OS must have been more coherent, because she said it sounded like a cat trying to climb (and not succeeding).

I got out of bed and looked around.  Sure enough – I found OS’s glasses on the floor beside our dresser.  And in the morning, she also found her watch and a few other things.  And on the top of the dresser were four perfectly parallel scratches going from the middle to the edge.  Looks like someone didn’t quite make an accurate judgement on height or slipperiness.

OS ventured that he wouldn’t be trying that one again anytime soon.


We’ve been wondering for a while: what is Jack drinking?  First, I’ll set everyone’s mind at ease – Jack knows where his water bowl is.  We see him drink there occasionally, but not frequently.  This didn’t exactly trouble us.  OS said that cats aren’t necessarily big drinkers.  On the other hand, output seems to exceed intake, if you know what I mean.

Now we’ve intentionally been leaving the toilets closed, so this story isn’t going to get gross on you.  But it turns out that we were wise to take that precaution…

Oldest Daughter and I have both caught Jack in the bathtub.  In my case, I watched him jump in just after sniffing at the pot.

We’re going to be leaving those lids down.


Crazy cat.  Last night I woke up when Jack landed on my back.  From there, he calmly proceeded to the sheet and blanket pile in the middle of the bed (warm and humid night) and started to knead the pile.  I guess this isn’t a surprise to those in the know.  But you can imagine my dumb-founded expression when I was awakened to see our cat doing a happy dance.