I’m running out of ways to blog about Jack, so he may not get a daily blog after all.  But in the meantime, how about taking some scripture out of context…

(We’ll get to that shortly.)

So Jack is still hesitant to leave his friendly confines, whether they be underneath the downstairs futon or underneath our bed.  However, once the girls are tucked in for bed last night, Jack made tentative treks around the house.  He’s got the litter box and food locations down well, and he made himself available for snuggling.  Then after Ordinary Spouse and I went to bed, he really started exploring.  He woke us up a few times with some quiet calling (we’re wondering if he’s missing his playmates), and a few times he decided to just hop up and join us on the bed.  (Hey – doesn’t Hebrews say something about keeping the marriage bed undefiled?)  When morning came, he retreated again to his hideout underneath.

When we checked his food bowl this morning, we found that he had collected a rubber band and a hair scrunchy there.  I’m not sure what that means, but I’m glad that he didn’t bring us any dead mice.

Ordinary Mommy is sensing some sadness on the part of Middle Daughter, who had been hoping for a more friendly pet.  Hopefully, that will just be a matter of time.  We’re thinking of getting some catnip toys that MD can use to get Jack in a more playful mood.

I think that’s all for today.