What – does Jack get a blog entry every day?

Anyway…  Jack spent most of yesterday under the downstairs futon, but was content to be approached there.  Middle Daughter especially took to the task of befriending Jack and climbed right behind the futon with him.  She was singing love songs and putting on puppet shows, and Jack didn’t seem to mind.  He also let everyone reach under and pet him.  However, he still seemed uncertain about the spontaneous, unpredictable, and potentially loud nature of little humans when they’re out in the middle of the room, and so he didn’t seem anxious to leave his kingdom.

However, after the girls were asleep, Ordinary Spouse pulled him out and petted him, and he completely adored that.  She did report that when Jack heard me walking upstairs, he got very tense.  When he could see me, though, things were fine.  Eventually, OS put him down so that she could do some work.  Jack returned to his cozy place, but after a while emerged from there again – the first time he’s done that with humans in the same room.  Then he heard the washing machine start spinning in the other room, and decided that under the futon was safer.

He stayed there until after we were in bed, but sometime in the middle of the night, he went exploring again.  He devoured a bowl of food and eventually went to sleep under our bed.  This morning, he returned to his futon.  The girls said that he started to come out once, but scampered back in when he saw them.  Well – small steps, I guess.