Well, we’ve brought Jack home.  We made the trip to pick him up tonight, and he immediately figured out that something was up.  Half an hour later, we found him.  After his person caught up with him, we did introductions, gave Jack a little time to calm down, and then convinced him to come home with us.  We had  to trade kitty carriers, though, because Jack didn’t care for ours.

So we got home, and Ordinary Spouse gave Jack some TLC to soothe him after the trip.  Then we introduced Jack to his litter box* – need to take care of the important stuff first!  Then we gave him some space.  After a while, Youngest Daughter squealed that he had taken cover under our futon.  And  now, two hours later, he is still there, defining his new kingdom.


* And what a litter box it is!  It is stocked with “World’s Best Cat Litter” which, according to the package is “safe, natural, clumpable scoopable, and flushable”.  However, the package also notes that “the state of California encourages the disposal of cat feces in trash and discourages flushing cat feces in toilets or disposing of them in drains.”  Who knows – maybe that’s what got California into the shape it’s in now.  Good thing we don’t live there.

I decided to celebrate the occassion with some Trader Joe’s Cat Cookies and some blogging.  Jack wasn’t impressed.

Cat cookies