Oldest Daughter has been with my parents for the last week, which is a nice change for everyone.  When the parent-to-child ratio gets larger, everyone benefits.  All of a sudden, Middle Daughter steps right into a new role as the big sister in the house.  Directions are followed, toys get cleaned up, and so on.  And yet, some things never change…

Today, Ordinary Mommy heard Youngest Daughter whimpering in the living room:

OM:  What’s wrong, YD?

YD:  MD hurt me.

(Keep in mind that YD plays the part of victim well.)

OM (to MD):  Did you know that you hurt her?

MD:  I didn’t see her there.  I thought she was a rock.

OM:  What did you accidentally do to the rock?

MD:  I pinched her on the arm.

It’s not easy being a rock in our house.