Well, I gave in and re-activated my Facebook account.  It turns out that my Ordinary Sister updates her life there in the same way that I do here.  She told Ordinary Mom* that if she also had an account, then she’d know what was happening in the life of her granddaughter (my Anything-But-Ordinary Niece).

* To clear up any confusion, Ordinary Mom is my mom, not to be confused with Ordinary Mommy, who is the alter-ego for Ordinary Spouse.

And so I decided to re-activate my account, too.  I was going to hold out – I have this little obstinate streak that comes through once in a while.  But I gave  in.

Now I’ve got two friends – my mom and my sister.  Pretty pathetic.  My mom has more friends than I do.

But at least I’ve got a coupon for a free pastry at Starbucks next Tuesday!