An interesting observation from the speech of our two-year old:  She only needs one word for questions.  None of this “who, what, when, where, how” stuff for her.  She get’s by with just one word: “Huh?”

For example, if she wants to know if it’s time for breakfast, she’ll say, “Eat breakfast – huh?”  Or if she’d like to know if you’d get her some water: “Some water in sippy – huh?”

And it’s important, if you’d like to speak the language properly, to insert the pause indicated above by the hyphen.  You could almost use a period for a full stop: “Going to church.  Huh?”

There are, of course, times when the exact definition of “huh” is determined by context.  But on the whole, there is very little confusion about meaning.   It’s all quite efficient.  And so we were wondering… Are there other languages that get by without all of the question words, or is this exclusive to the land of toddlers?

(Just overheard: “Take kitty bath – huh?”)