Middle Daughter (five-years old) has been at my parents’ house for the week.  This is a good thing for everyone.  My parents get to hang out with a granddaughter.  MD gets one-on-one time with a beloved adult (or adults), which is important for her as a middle child.  The other two daughters also get increased parental interaction, if they want it, but also more quiet,which they also appreciate (especially Oldest Daughter).  And Ordinary Spouse and I get to relax a bit.  There is a noticeable difference between parenting three and parenting two.

My mom asked my wife if she had said anything to MD about what to eat.  (Now we have a rule here at our place that you have to try one bite of everything, and on treat nights (when we have dessert) there are required minimum servings before you’re “treat eligible”.)  My wife thought back, and recalled that she probably said something to the effect of “Grandma might serve different foods than we have here, and you should try at least one bite before you say, ‘I don’t care for it.'”

So it turns out that my mom had asked MD if she wanted to go grocery shopping for some foods that she liked, and MD said,”No.  That’s ok, Grandma.  I’ll eat whatever you make.  Just put ketchup on it.”

I’m so proud of her.  She’s growing up.