My wife and I have a running joke about the “best day of the year”, which we define as the first day of a long vacation.  Often, I’ll take an extra vacation day, just so I can spend some time at home (or close by) doing whatever I want, before we leave for wherever it is that we’re travelling.  (And it seems like our vacations always involve travelling somewhere.)  Frequently, the “best day of the year” comes at the beginning of the Thanksgiving or Christmas break.

Well, today is the “best day of summer”.  Work is complete for the week.  I’m about to shut down my computer.  I have the weekend and Monday to do odd jobs around the house and pack up the van before we hit the road on Tuesday:  Mennonite convention, a stop at my parents’ place, and a family reunion at Laurelville.  Woo-hoo!

And here’s your gratuitous video!