When I encounter an idea in multiple ways or forms in some short time span, I figure that it’s time to sit up, take notice, and learn something. In the past two weeks, the lesson seems to be about trying to see beyond that which appears to be, in order to get on board with what the Holy Spirit is doing. It’s what we’re asking when we pray the Lord’s Prayer:

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

Basically, we’re asking God to break into our world, and order things in the same way that they’re ordered in God’s presence. And what I’ve realized is that often God has been at work in my life, and I’ve failed to notice.

I wrote about this in relation to Church membership – how it would be a good thing if our membership rolls were made of people that the Holy Spirit has brought to us and already made into members. But I’ve been reminded in the past few days that there is a broader truth here. As Christians, we should no longer view things from a worldly perspective. Instead, we should be keenly aware of what God is doing around us.

This is conversion. Although our lives, our surroundings, and our circumstances remain the same, we no longer understand them in the same way. We see things differently. We try to observe the world through the eyes of Christ. Richard Rohr reflects on this in a recent meditation published by Sojourners:

I try in every way, and every day, to see the events, people, and issues in my world through a much wider lens that I hope is “Christ Consciousness”. I have to practice letting go of my own agenda, my own anger, fear, and judgments in very concrete ways and through daily practice. In that empty space, it seems God is able to speak and sometimes I am able to hear. In that space, I find joy.