Lot’s of little stories today.  Nothing of any great interest…

Yesterday, we travelled from the Chicago ‘burbs to the Kalona area for a family reunion today and tomorrow.  We started the day with a visit to The Kalona Cheese House, where you can buy fresh cheese curds.  Most of the family enjoy cheese curds.  One of us does not, however, and this elicited the quote of the day from the middle daughter:

MD:  I’m allergic to squeaky cheese!

From there, we made our way to Camp Io-Dis-E-Ca, which is where the families of my wife’s grandmother and her sisters have gathered for the reunion.  The highlight of the day for the girls appears to be the pond on the camp grounds.  There are a ton of huge tadpoles in the pond.  They’re in various stages of conversion into frog-hood, and they’re all gathered at the edge of the pond.  Various ones in our immediate family have made at least four trips to the pond to attempt to catch tadpoles/frogs (unsuccessfully, I might add, unless the current amphibian of our affections happened to be near death).  Also in the pond, we discovered that there must be an equally large number of leeches.  Middle daughter managed to catch four of those (or they managed to catch her), which ordinary spouse calmly removed.

My highlight of the day was a full-room, mega-sized game of Dutch Blitz.  If you’re unfamiliar with the game, you can read the rules on the website.  If you are familiar with the game, imagine cards that are 12 x 18 inches (instead of your normal-sized deck).  Also picture four people per team, one of which is the “runner” who gets to distribute the cards out onto the playing surface.  There are four teams, so there are four runners flying around the floor.  I got to be a runner.  By the end of the first game, the knees of my jeans had torn.  Six hours later, the carpet burns are still oozing.  That’s going to hurt tomorrow.  Oh, well.  Traditions are important.

“Reunion time (part two)” should come later this summer when the family of my paternal grandparents gets together at Laurelville.