Today we have these entries from The Dictionary of Two-Year Olds:

Backees – A carrier for various things.  For example, when on an Easter egg hunt you might say, “Eggs… in backees.”

Bluffah – This word is always said with great zest: “Bluffah!”.  You use it whenever you’d like a “rocket blaster” on the swing.

Buffy – Usually heard in the phrase, “Buffy to you!”  It is sung when you’re at a party for someone who is celebrating the completion of another year of life.

Mickees – This is what plays on Daddy’s alarm clock when it comes on in the morning.  Two-year olds know how to turn on the mickees at any time of the day.


Also today, we bring you The Dusting Song (more of a chant, really), as composed by the oldest daughter near the end of last year:

Verse 1:

Dust, dust, dust – everything you can!
Dust, dust, dust – wooden and flat!


‘D’ for dusting – D!  D!  D!

Verse 2:

Dust, dust, dust – dust if you can!
Every helping hand – dust everywhere!

In our house, we’re good at composing songs.  Dusting… not so much.