My wife and I had a date today!  It was the first one in nearly a year.  We’re visiting her parents, and they took all the girls to the zoo.  So we were left all by ourselves to do whatever we wanted.  And how did we start our date…?

“I’ve lost my shopping list.”

Yes, that’s right, folks.  Peace and quiet for the first time in ages, and we went grocery shopping.  This either means that we’re incredibly lame or that we’ve managed to grow our marriage to the point where we just value time together, no matter how it’s spent.  Or that we’re short on food.

In our defense, we went to an Amish bulk food store.  Now those of you who have never seen an Amish bulk food store are missing out on an experience.  I’ll get to that in another post.  Here I’ll just get to the thrilling details of the rest of our “date”.

Some shell out the big bucks for a movie or a concert.  We bought $100 of flour and other assorted bulk foods.  Then we did enjoy authentic Mexican for lunch (which we couldn’t do with the girls).  Then we finished the date at a second-hand clothing store (lame) and at an art gallery looking at expensive pieces that we didn’t really like (arguably cultural).

So there you have it, folks.  You can look forward to hearing about another exciting date in, oh…, about ten months or so.