Story #1 – Diapers

My wife went diaper shopping today.  She discovered that Target has repackaged their diapers – fewer diapers, same price.

Grumble, grumble.  Gnash teeth.

However, hiding in the back corner of the store was a clearance section.  Behold!  The leftovers from the old packaging, and marked down $3 to boot!  In good Menno fashion, she returned the new box and filled her cart with the old boxes.  And when she got to the check-out, the price was marked down an additional $3.

I asked if she bought them out.  “No.  I didn’t have room for three boxes.  But I’m thinking of going back tonight to get those.”  “Well, you could go right after you drop our daughter off at  preschool…”

And that is  how we come to have nine boxes of eighty diapers each.  We’re hoping that potty training will be complete before the diapers are gone.

Story #2 – A Lesson in Fancy

Fancy Nancy is popular in our house.  (Side note to dads who have just been (or will so0n be) blessed with the birth of your  first daughter: Read Fancy Nancy.  Insert yourself into the book.  Get comfortable with that thought.  It’ll serve you well soon, I promise.)  Tonight, my middle daughter lined up an exhibition of fancy vs. not fancy.  First on the list: shoes…

“Fancy: my sparkly shoes.  Not fancy: Daddy’s hiking boots.”


Somewhere, my Amish bishop ancestor is rolling over in his grave.