On Saturday afternoon, I signed up for a Facebook account.

Thirty minutes later, I de-activated it.

I realized, as I was getting things set up, that I really couldn’t figure out why I should have an account.  Here were some of my random thoughts…

  • I’m not an extrovert.  When I need some time of refreshment, I try to get away from people – not find them.
  • My job wouldn’t really benefit from being on Facebook.  Now I can understand that if you had a job where interacting with people was important, then you might want an account.  I’m thinking a bit about the pastors at our church, for example.
  • I haven’t been to three high school reunions and two college reunions.  I suppose that could be seen as an argument in favor.  On the other hand, you can also see the priority I place on such things.
  • My life is hectic enough trying to keep up with my family and a small group of friends.  I don’t need to keep up with more.
  • I don’t yet have any parental need to keep tabs on my daughters.  I figure that I’ll catch up with the technology once they get to be old enough to have their own accounts on Facebook or the next hot thing.

My sister told me last week that if I set up an account, she would be my friend, so I hereby grant her the title of “First Friend”.  But I’ll have to trust that she’ll still be my friend, even if I don’t have an account.

The kind computers at Facebook assured me that I could come back and re-activate my account at any time.  If any of my two or three loyal readers out there have compelling reasons why I should do so, let me know.