Ordinarily, I can spell.  I don’t make any promises regarding my grammar, but I should at least be able to use a spell checker.  How embarrassing, then, that I can’t even get the tag line on this blog correct.  I mean – I see it every time I log on.  It’s fixed now (I hope!), but for those of you, who are orthographically challenged (as I apparently am), it said “Ordinarly, this is all ordinary”.  Bless the person who pointed it out to me – he tried to break it to me gently by suggesting it was intentional.  I wish.

P.S. Just ran the spell checker on this post.  Had to fix ’embarrassing’.  Ironic.

P.P.S. Perhaps it’s even more ironic that blog spell checker doesn’t know about the word ‘blog’.  Is there something I’m missing here?  I am new to this stuff, after all.  One of the suggested words was ‘blob’.  That might be appropriate for my little site here.

Welcome to my blob.