I already gave my little spiel about this blog in the ‘about’ section.  But some of my new readers (hi, mom!), will have missed that.  So, at the risk of being accused of liking the sound of my own voice too much, I present it again…

Why a blog?

Because everyone else is doing it.

Actually, I came across urbanmennonite.com, and I said, “Wow – that’s cool! This is my life. I identify completely.”

Well, actually no.

Perhaps, the Mennonite part. But definitely not the urban part. My family is firmly entrenched in suburbia. We live in a little subdivision. We’re on the high side of 2.5 kids, but to balance out that added chaos, we don’t have any pets. Yes, we have a minivan.

(Ed. note: we may not have pets, but we’ve got worms!)

But I still wanted to be cool. And this is the result.

What is ordinary (mostly)?

My life. My thoughts. And the Christian liturgical year.

Why not just call it ‘mostly ordinary’?

I wanted to. That name was taken.

So what will you write about?

You know – I’ll write about whatever I like, as infrequently as I like. But in broad strokes, I’ll talk about the every day stuff: hobbies, music and books, what my family is up to (like when one of my daughters yells, “Mom! She’s licking all the knives!”). And hopefully I’ll interject a bit about trying to live a faithful Christian life in the suburbs.

Any politics?

Hopefully not. But if I write enough and you read enough, you’ll figure me out. Then again, I might surprise you. I might surprise myself.