I was sure that you, my faithful readers, would want to know that our pet worms have arrived.

Oh, wait.  I don’t have any faithful readers yet.  Well, that won’t stop me.

You’ll recall that my wife and one of my daughters were making plans for pet worms in our house.  Well, happy day!  The worms came by UPS today.  They’re all settled into their new home replete with old lettuce, banana peel, cantaloupe rind, and wet newspaper.  So when I got home this evening, I peered in and didn’t see anything.  “That’s because they don’t like the light,” my wife told me.  “You leave the lid open for a few days until they’re used to their container.  After that, they won’t wander.  Earlier today, there was one crawling across the floor, but now they’ve all tunneled down in.”

Ah.  I see.  So in essence, we’ll have potty trained worms.