You’re kidding, right?  Worms?

Nope.  For my first ever foray into blogging, I’ve chosen worms.  Not who I am.  Not why I’ve called this blog ‘ordinary (mostly)’.  Nothing acceptable like that.


Oh… and composting.

My wife went to some Earth Day event, and when she came home she wanted to get some worms.

So that we could compost.

In our basement.

She assured me that it wouldn’t smell, that they’d eat lots of food scraps (diet of worms), and that I wouldn’t have to take care of it.

And in ninety days, they’ll be reproducing!

So now she’s ordered a thousand worms (that’s about one pound, for those of you who are keeping track at home).  They should be arriving soon, but in the meantime, my middle daughter (the five year old) decided she couldn’t wait.  She’s collected her own worms from our garden (did I mention that we already have a compost bin outside?!), and she has given them names.  Of our neighbors.  I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or not.  Ask nicely, and I’m sure we can name a worm after you, too.