Ok…  Since I’m new at this, I get to lob myself an easy one to hit.  So here’s what’s been playing recently during my commute…


U2 - No Line on the Horizon

U2 – No Line on the Horizon

Somewhere ’round about “Achtung Baby”, I thought U2 got weird, and I tuned out for about fifteen years.  Well, eventually, more or less around the time of “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb”, I started listening again.  Courtesy of concert footage on Youtube, I found that they had put together some really intense stuff in the interim.  So during the past year, I’ve been slowly picking up where I left off.

The current album seems to be quite rich.  The songs, while not being “catchy”, are pleasing and instrumentally complex.  Nothing seems rushed, so my enjoyment level depends somewhat on my mood.  If traffic is bumper to bumper on the Stevenson, this is a good pick.


Indigo Girls - 1200 Curfews

Indigo Girls – 1200 Curfews

Hmm… About the time I thought U2 got weird, I also stopped listening to the Indigo Girls.  Maybe that says more about me, than it does about either band.  Well, we’ll just say that college is a time of change, and move on.

I’m really enjoying hearing the live stuff on this album, and in some cases, the live version is the first time I’ve heard the song.  (I don’t own any studio albums more recent than “Nomads, Indians, Saints”, but I’ll be making up for that deficiency at some point.)  I wish “Hammer and a Nail” were on here, but they make up for it with some really nice covers (Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan).

I’d like to end with an embedded Youtube video for you to watch, but you’ll just have to settle for a link.  Or two.  These aren’t concert videos, but enjoy them anyway.

Least Complicated
Power of Two


P.S. One more thing… I never claimed to be a music critic.